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Summer is coming to an end and you can no longer in the evening
while sitting outside. So I have the living room again homey
made. So with doilies, candles, flowers and other frills.
So also for visiting and for smaller meetings.
Mostly I run, as always, only with a camisole, long shirt or
Recently dress clothed, around. So even today, it was except
my darling and me no one there. Around 19:00 clock a car stopped in front
Home stand and the porter’s bell struck. Since my Holder straight in the bathroom
was, I went look. It was a school friend of the
Main school with her husband, who I had not seen for some time
would have.

After a warm welcome I led her into the house, namely the
Living room, where it could be chatting more convenient. While space
took, dipped my husband on to greet the guests and although
wearing TShirt and short. I introduced him to our guests,
made for drinks and snacks. Then we took them
opposite course and a lively conversation started. They had
yes a lot to tell, if you look after so many years again

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